Cucu Diamantes

Cucu Diamantes Cuculand
  • CD1: 1. Overture
  • CD1: 2. Mas Fuerte
  • CD1: 3. Mentiras
  • CD1: 4. Still In Love
  • CD1: 5. Alguien
  • CD1: 6. Amor Cronico
  • CD1: 7. Show Me The Money Papi
  • CD1: 8. Sentimiento
  • CD1: 9. Free
  • CD1: 10. Vengo

Urban-Latin rhythms, Feminine strength & Old-School glamour from Grammy Award winning CuCu Diamantes, the co- founder of Latin funk collective Yerba Buena. With Yerba Buena, Diamantes was instrumental in the creation of a unique new sound of the Caribbean and the urban grit of New York. Now, with the release of the cabaret-inspired CUCULAND, comes the irresistible multi-cultural mix of old-school Cuban glamour and rhythm fused with a distinct element of New York’s downtown music scene to create a captivating and seductive album that boils with fusions of rock, boogaloo, hip-hop, funk, jazz and  Antillean rhythms. The songs of CUCULAND find Diamantes extending the beloved sound of Yerba Buena mixing pure rhythm with deep and reflective lyrics, tackling the challenges and triumphs of her life experience, her reinventions and her relationships. A combination of non-stop, rhythmic Latin energy, cinematic drama and feminine strength.


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