Blackball Ost
  • CD1: 1. Madness - Return of Lost Palmas Seven
  • CD1: 2 Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
  • CD1: 3. Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
  • CD1: 4. Delays - Nearer Than Heaven
  • CD1: 5. Eddie and the Hotrods - Do Anything You Wanna Do
  • CD1: 6. Elastica - Stutter
  • CD1: 7. U2 - Stuck In A Moment
  • CD1: 8. M.A.S.S - Live a Little
  • CD1: 9. Doves - Caught By The River
  • CD1: 10. Hogboy - Call Me Suck
  • CD1: 11 Ceasars - Jerk It Out
  • CD1: 12. Steve Harley - Make Me Smile
  • CD1: 13 Libertines - Lazy Sunday

In the sleepy seaside town of Torquay, on “The English Riviera”, the game reserved for geriatrics and pensioners is taken VERY seriously. None more so than by the reigning champion Ray Speight (JAMES CROMWELL), conservative and stuffy he has been Torquay’s home grown hero for over 20 years… but now his title is threatened. Cliff Starkey (PAUL KAYE) a young pretender from the wrong side of town, is daring to go up against him. Armed with his sexy bad-boy persona, a flashy American agent Rick (VINCE VAUGHN) and an army of screaming female fans, Cliff is a fresh and exciting new sex symbol in the game. In fact, he is fast turning Lawn Bowls into the biggest spectator sport in England - possibly the World!!! To add insult to injury, Cliff’s biggest fan is his new girlfriend Kerry (ALICE EVANS)... Ray’s Daughter!
This hilarious and life affirming new British comedy is a classic tale of triumph over adversity that will quite literally bowl you over! A memorable soundtrack to go with this great British movie which includes classics such as U2, the Who, Queen and Eddie and The Hotrods

  • This is a Compilation

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