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A dark tale of past deeds, uncovered secrets and revenge...

When Yu arrives in a remote rural village to settle the estate of his estranged father, he stumbles into a dark web of secrets and betrayals that have lain buried for thirty years.

The village is ruled over by its sinister chief, Cheon, a former police detective, and his cabal of reformed criminals - who seem to have both hated and feared Yu’s late father. It quickly becomes clear that Yu’s presence is not wanted – and that Cheon and the others are hiding something terrible. Soon the unwelcome visitor finds his life threatened as the truth becomes ever more obscured and allegiances shift beneath his feet...

Based on the hit Korean web comic of the same name, and featuring a star-turn from Jeong Jae-Yeon as the menacing and corrupt Cheon, Moss mixes thrilling suspense and dark humour with a brooding, tense atmosphere that calls to mind films such as The Wicker Man and David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. A dark tale of past deeds, uncovered secrets and revenge...

Based on the hit comic This DVD also features two never before seen interviews with director Kang Woo-Suk and the writer/artist of the original comic, Yun Tae-Ho.

Featuring exclusive UK Interviews with Moss Director Kang Woo-Suk & original comic creator Yun Tae Ho.

Kang Woo-Suk is one of South Korea’s top directors and is widely credited with creating the country’s first blockbuster movies with Public Enemy series and Silmido.

Moss was based on the original webcomic or manhwa, created by Yun Tae Ho. Available free online through the Korean portal site Naver (a Google equivielent), the original ran from 2008 to 2009, building into a fascinating portrayal of corruption and the dark side of Korean life. Working digitally for the first time, Yun’s artwork developed into a moody and incredibly detailed style that drew millions of online fans to the work.

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