Oh Pardon Tu Dormais - Collectors Edition

Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin Oh Pardon Tu Dormais - Collectors Edition
  • CD1: 1. Oh! Pardon tu dormais featuring Etienne Daho
  • CD1: 2. Ces murs épais
  • CD1: 3. Cigarettes
  • CD1: 4. Max
  • CD1: 5. Ghosts
  • CD1: 6. Les jeux interdits
  • CD1: 7. F.R.U.I.T.
  • CD1: 8. A marée haute
  • CD1: 9. Pas d’accord
  • CD1: 10. Ta sentinelle
  • CD1: 11. Telle est ma maladie envers toi
  • CD1: 12. Je voulais être une telle perfection pour toi!
  • CD1: 13. Catch Me If You Can

“Oh! Pardon tu dormais...” is partly a musical adaptation of the film of the same name, with some recent lyrics, written while the album was being made. These 13 songs, written by Jane Birkin, were put to music and produced by Etienne Daho and Jean-Louis Piérot. Jane Birkin relates: When I played my film “Oh! pardon, tu dormais...” at the Gaîté Montparnasse with Thierry Fortineau a few years ago, Etienne came to see me... often. Because he really liked it, and he spent years trying to convince me to do a musical adaptation. I went to Etienne’s house for our first session, along with my dog Dolly. I sat on the sofa and Etienne and Jean-Louis Piérot had me listen to some melodies that they had been writing for me for a few months. That’s how the writing sessions began. Etienne reworked my words to their music, and I asked him to give me the line. It worked like a charm. Etienne’s care with which he suggested changes, reworked my monologues with an incredibly light touch, tender like a lover, ensuring he was in the same head space as me. Or maybe we are kindred spirits? He saved me from an old wound, delivered me from melancholy and inertia. We gave everything, took everything, and I’m still amazed and stunned at what the three of us created. We gave birth to this thing... and this moves me. Created by bringing together Etienne Daho, Jean-Louis Piérotand Jane Birkin, Oh Pardon tu dormaisis her most intimate album so far. 12 years after releasing her last album with exclusive songs, Jane Birkin is back with a new album in which she wrote every song. “


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