Hotel Amour - Meow Meow & Thomas Lauderdale

Pink Martini

 Pink Martini Hotel Amour - Meow Meow & Thomas Lauderdale
  • CD1: 1. I Lost Myself (I'm Hungry... and That Ain't Right)
  • CD1: 2. Mon homme marié (My Married Man)
  • CD1: 3. I'm Waiting for You to Come Back
  • CD1: 4. Hotel Amour
  • CD1: 5. Die blaue Stunde I (The Blue Hour)
  • CD1: 6. Sans toi (Without You) - featuring Michel Legrand, guest piano
  • CD1: 7. Mausi, süß warst Du heute Nacht (Darling, How Sweet You Were Tonight) - featuring Barry Humphries, guest vocals
  • CD1: 8. Bonjour tristesse (Hello Sadness)
  • CD1: 9. True Love
  • CD1: 10. À quoi ça sert l'amour (What’s the Point of Love) - featuring Rufus Wainwright, guest vocals
  • CD1: 11. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - featuring The von Trapps, guest vocals
  • CD1: 12. Die blaue Stunde II (The Blue Hour)

This album is released on 22nd March. A musical love affair between two singular artists, "Hotel Amour" is the long-awaited collaboration between beloved Pink Martini founder and bandleader Thomas Lauderdale, and international singing sensation, the crowd-surfung tragi-comedienne and queen of Chanson, Meow Meow.

These two friends have performed and composed together across the globe for years, from the backstreet bars of Berlin to the glamorous stage of the Sydney Opera House, from London's legendary Royal Albert Hall to Mary's Club, Portland Oregon's legendary strip club. "Hotel Amour" features several original songs destined to be classics, alongside exquisite journeys into the French, German and Shanghainese canon of the 20th century, with alluring tastes of the 1920s and 30s, bittersweet tragedy, humour, politics, witty wicked Weimar, and aching French torch song.

The album is enhanced by a bevy of guest stars, including joyful duets with Rufus Wainwright, Barry Humphries (of Dame Edna fame), and The von Trapps, as well as a very special live recording with the legendary pianist and composer Michel Legrand. 


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