Tomorrow - With Jimmie Herrod

Pink Martini

 Pink Martini Tomorrow - With Jimmie Herrod
  • CD1: 1. He Was Too Good to Me
  • CD1: 2. Tell Him
  • CD1: 3. Tomorrow
  • CD1: 4. Que tout recommence
  • CD1: 5. Exodus

Music fans first heard the miracle voice of Jimmie Herrod on record with Pink Martini's release of the single "Exodus" in 2018.

The Pacific-Northwest based singer has been touring full time with the globe-trotting "little orchestra" Pink Martini for the past two years, his breath-taking soaring vocals bringing an instant standing ovation at each Pink Martini show. To help more fans worldwide witness this thrilling new voice, Pink Martini bandleader Thomas Lauderdale has produced a special five-song ep featuring Jimmie's astonishing talent, "a voice like a beacon of hope" (Seattle Times), accompanied by Pink Martini.


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