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Tony was retired in Spain when his signature tune was sung by Peter Kay for Comic Relief (2005). His hit was originally in 1971 and then 34 years later it became a number 1. His son manages him now and took him out of retirement when he was living in Spain and helped to revive his career. He has been in the business for over 53 years.

Tony came from a very working class background in Sheffield. His Grandfather brought his Melodeon to South Yorkshire when he came over to England looking for work. Tony's Grandfather played the melodeon; his Grandmother played the fiddle in a Ceili dance band and Tony's father played the piano. His father was away a lot with the RAF and was brought up by his Uncles. When his father came back he became a National Coal Board accountant and was keen for Tony to follow his line of work, which he did and subsequently hated. Tony then performed at the working men's pubs on weekends, which brought in more money than his day job.

He was pleased when his career took off as he found it hard to go cap in hand to his parents all the time with a wife and child.

He lost a lot of money in the seventies with a nightclub business in Sheffield. It was one of the biggest mistakes, and was pushed financially to the limit. He took this as a sign from God to sing in pubs and not to own them. It was a big lesson for him.

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