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Three, two, one.. Deux! Deux meaning two, like the title of Alb's third album.

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Alb, a group synthesized by the fusion of two complementary entities: Clement Daquin (founder, songwriter, singer and one-man band) and Raphael Jeanne (drummer, programmer and now the ideal song-construction partner).

Now based in Paris, the Alb entity began its musical life in Reims. A fan of synths and equipment unearthed in secondhand stores, Clement put together his first compositions in the mid-2000s. He brought in a few other musicians to make Alb's first album, Mange Disque (slotted record player), which was released in 2007 in orange plastic packaging that suggested a famous compact 45 record player of the 70s. When the band finally imploded, Clement kept Alb going solo... or almost. Then the Reims scene took off. Clement shared his studio with producer Yuksek and went on tour with him for two years. 'Les Shoes' produced relentlessly. In 2012, they sang backing vocals on Golden Chains, a track whose interactive clip showed Clement selling his personal property to fund Alb's second album. With no singer, he took to the mike, a new, decisive step in his musical journey.

Released in 2014, Come Out! It's Beautiful was backed by the power of the single Whispers Under the Moonlight, used to soundtrack the advertising of a famous automobile manufacturer and so continue a successful partnership with Alb begun two years earlier. On the long tour that followed, Clement took along Raphael, a drummer who would soon become the second member of Alb due to his talents as a musical jack-of-all-trades: bassist, programmer, keyboards player and king of copy 'n' paste. Both were former students at Reims art school (ten years apart) and shared an esthetic sense that turned Alb into an all-inclusive project, musically and visually coherent.

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