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Alan Stivell introduced the concept of Celtic music as a genre and was responsible for popularizing it. Alan wants to re-popularize songs that were once popular in Brittany and other Celtic and English-speaking countries. He used to hear these songs in his youth but they had almost been forgotten in his country. He has brought them back into the public eye and hopes they will catch on again. Nevertheless, the general public's understanding of Celtic music is restrictive, despite its richness. The term "Celtic music" is very dear to Alan but it does not encompass all aspects of his music. Alan is definitely a believer in "cross-over" music. He does and has always believed in blending cultures and musical styles. While Alan Stivell is best known for his popularization of modern Breton and Celtic music he is widely considered to be one of the forerunners of several musical genres : folk-rock, the ambient movement and world music; styles which he has continued to develop since the release of seminal album Reflets in 1970.

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