The Belly Button of The World

Goran Bregovic

Goran Bregovic The Belly Button of The World
  • CD1: 1. The Belly Button Of The World
  • CD1: 2. A Moment of Melancholy
  • CD1: 3. A Christian Tale
  • CD1: 4. A Jewish Tale
  • CD1: 5. A Muslim Tale

For over 50 years, Goran Bregović has been internationally recognised as the most influential composer, musician, lyricist, arranger, and producer to stamp the Balkan music scene onto the world map. He has toured the world performing some hundred concerts a year Unable to tour during the pandemic, Goran seized the opportunity to record an album of five works, written for three solo violins, a symphony orchestra, a sextet of male voices and of course, his Wedding and Funeral band. For his latest album, ‘The Belly Button of the World’, Goran has created three lyrical tales based around Christian, Jewish and Muslim liturgies. With this album, Goran Bregović fuses the core of his creativity with his musical journey so far : classical, wild, unique, eclectic and always unexpected.


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