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Goran Bregovic

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On Oct 6th 2017 Goran Bregovic pushes the walls and extends all frontiers with his forthcoming album "Three Letters from Sarajevo".
Goran Bregovic & his Wedding and Funeral Band are touring the USA this October.Goran Tour Dates

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A true musical genius from Yugoslavia. Goran composes music, not only for his own band, but for films as well (credited on "Borat"-2006 "Mustafa"-2008 and many, many more). His career spans over three decades with more than 6 million album sales to his name.

Goran's musical influence is an original mix of a European Classical style mixed with the rich Balklan polyphony of traditional brass bands. This influence is mixed with his own take on contemporary music to create something that is truly unique.

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