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The Three biggest Brazilian stars perform together.

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Stylish and playful, the three Bahia born acts interact beautifully accompanied by a 17 strong band. This is the best of the Brazilian music in one show. Ivete is the best singer in Brazil and Caetano and Gil are two great poets, singers and songwriters; they have put life into their songs. The set gathers classics and strong songs in unique performances. "Se eu Nao te Amasse Tanto Assim", penned by Herbert Vianna and Paulo Sergio Valle and a hit originally recorded by Ivete Sangalo, is sung in chorus by her, Caetano and the whole audience. Lincoln Olivetti's piano makes the introduction for Ivete to perform another Chico Buarque classic "Olhos nos Olhos", accompanied by an impeccable string quartet. Gil strums his guitar on "Drao", sharing the vocals with Caetano Veloso, followed by the amazing "Dom de Iludir", thrilling the composer at his side. The singers fall into the refined samba "Amor ate o Fim" to end the show - a fitting finale for a very special performance.

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