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Jonatha Brooke's Musical career began in the late 80's with fellow songwriter Jennifer Kimball while at college. The pair later formed the band "The Story", and after writing their debut album "Grace in Gravity" the pair became signed to the label Elektra Records in the early 90's. The music at this point was predominantly Folk fused with Pop, but when Jonatha and Jennifer went their separate ways in 1994, Brooke started writing more commercially styled songs. She released a steady stream of albums throughout the 90's (Plumb, 10 Cent Wings, Steady Pull). Jonatha has also become well known in the music she contributed to, and played in the Disney film "Return to Never Land". In the film she covered the song "Second star to the right" and contributed to the song "Ill Try". 2008 Saw Jonatha develop her most ambitious project to date, an album called "The Works" in which Jonatha has exclusively taken lyrics from Woodie Guthrie's poems and songs. The alum features beautiful lyrical content, with a cast of respected jazz and rock musicians (Joe Sample, Christian McBride, Steve Gadd). The album is available from our site from 16th February.

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