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Los De Abajo's album - Mariachi Beat is now available from Wrasse Records!

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Los de Abajo, from Mexico City, are THE Latin ska force from South America, the ones that come to rescue you, the blue- helmet saviours with their brass instruments. They entered the international market thanks to David Byrne who signed them on his own label, calling them "salsa punk".

Since then the band have won numerous awards, including the BBC World Music Award and are constantly touring, maturing musically and continue breaking barriers as they mix rock, salsa, reggae, ska, cumbia.

Call it whatever mixture you want, the long-promised new album by Los de Abajo is Actitud Calle (street attitude), representing the new face of the band.

Los de Abajo show that they are more united than ever, geniuses at seamlessly combining a fusion of genres and musical cultures.

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