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New '50+ Les belles chansons' and 'Une Vie D'Artiste - 15th Anniversary Box' out now.

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The notably gifted, multi-talented actor, chanteur, poet and painter Serge Reggiani was born in Italy, but grew up in France to become one of the most proclaimed performers of Chanson. He became a singer only at the age of 45 and. although he was in his 40s, his rugged image made him popular with both younger and older listeners. His best-known songs include Les loups sont entres dans Paris ("The Wolves Have Entered Paris") and Sarah (La femme qui est dans mon lit) ("The Woman Who Is In My Bed"), the latter written by Georges Moustaki.. His new young fans identified with his left-wing ideals and anti-militarism, most notably during the student revolts in France in 1968. With age he became more and more acclaimed as one of the best interpreters of the chanson, and also for bringing the poems of Rimbaud, Apollinaire and Prevert to new audiences.

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