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After the release of their event album "VersuS", which has sold more than 500,000 copies, the two artists are now releasing "Chapter II

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Vitaa was discovered by DJ Kost, who organized a duet with Dadoo. They sang "Pas à pas" ("Step by Step"). It was at this event that she was first called "Vitaa."
Vitaa worked for several years in collaboration with various hip hop and R&B artists and eventually with Diam's and Pit Baccardi on Oublie, then a solo on the album Première classe RnB with the song "Ma sœur" ("My Sister"). She performed a second duet with Dadoo, "Sur ta route" ("On Your Way"), then made several more duets with various other singers, including "Mytho" with Mafia K'1 Fry, "Bol d'air" with Rohff and Jasmin. Vitaa later collaborated with Diam's on the song "Confessions Nocturnes", with which she became known to the general French public.
Since then, Vitaa has appeared on the track "Peur d'aimer" ("Fear of Loving") with Nessbeal and "Ne dis jamais" with Sinik.
The first artist signed to the label Motown France, Vitaa released her debut solo album A fleur de toi on 5 February 2007, which peaked at number one in France.

Slimane Nebchi is best known professionally by the mononym Slimane an Algerian-French singer and songwriter. Nebchi won season 5 The Voice: la plus belle voix in 2016, and has since released a debut album and nine singles.

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