Ayo Biography

Born from a Gypsy mother who passed on a passion for travelling, and a Nigerian father who raised her, and from whom she inherited her love for music, it was inevitable Ayo would one day become an artist. With her captivating voice her debut single, ‘Down On My Knees’ saw Joyful sell 500,000 copies in France alone and over 750,000 worldwide, securing GOLD Awards in Greece, Italy and Switzerland and DOUBLE PLATINUM in Poland. By early 2008, her insatiable appetite for travel found Ayo dropping her bags in The Bahamas. She locked herself away in the fabled Compass Point Studios, developing her songs the old-fashioned way using vintage analogue equipment. After working with Norah Jones, Jay Newland returned to co-produce with Ayo after their successful collaboration on Joyful. With further collaborations from Lucky Peterson on keyboards, and former Bob Dylan collaborator Larry Campbell on guitar, 13 songs were finalised as the album, ‘Gravity At Last’. This second collection of songs continues the quality shown by its predecessor, with the hushed but powerful voice. However, ‘Gravity At Last’ is more complex than it would appear. Ayo opted for a more luxurious and orchestrated album. Though musically diverse, love remains the main lyrical-theme on the album.

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