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Morten's latest album "Brother" is available now.

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Morten Harket is the torchbearer for one of the most successful bands in the history of pop music. After their legendary debut single "Take On Me" , a-ha released nine studio albums. 40 million have been sold so far, worldwide. Songs such as "The Sun Always Shines on TV", "The Living Daylights", “Manhattan Skyline”, “Hunting High and Low” or "Summer Moved On"” have become modern-day classics.  "Out of my Hands" is the brand new album - a compact pop production, consisting of hooklines and songs, which are new-updates of the greatest a-ha moments.   In the “Scared Of Heights” is the first “post a-ha era” song and is above all a great pop song as his unmistakable voice floats through the arrangement, this is the spirit of a-ha united with Harket's joyful creativity. The album ranges from the melancholy ballad "Quiet", with its finely spun dialogue to the spirited "Lightning"”. "When I Reach The Moon"”, on the other hand, combines a distinctive guitar riff with Harket's unmistakeable falsetto.    "The greatest falsetto in the history of pop music EVER" NME

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