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With "Vagabundo", Colombian singer Yuri Buenaventura reveals himself as the "brightest new star from South America". From the irresistibly swingy 'Guajiro del Monte', with its expansive and golden big-band dance sound to the pared-back and poignant 'Donde Estas?' – it's always clear that we're in completely assured hands. Interspersed are three unforgettably sensual songs written with Jorge Zulueta which brilliantly underpin a Latin theme with an erotic tango sound. And besides the innovative music, Buenaventura's words mark him out: like Ruben Blades, he's one of the few salsa singers to marry a cutting edge sound with thoughtful lyrics. With a wonderfully attractive voice which at times recalls the legendary Hector Lavoe, Buenaventura duets with the great Cheo Feliciano on 'Palo y Cuero' (Stick and Skin). Buenaventura means a 'good venture' – he's certainly embarked on one of those here.

"The commanding, expressive voice of Buenaventura..gifted and versatile" fRoots
"Colombian Magic" Top of the World Songlines

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