Nolwenn Leroy

Nolwenn Leroy Biography

A unique name and heritage. As a French pop star and author-composer, native from the foreign land of Brittany, which was once an independent kingdom and later became a small province joined to the French Empire; the music is a link between pop and Celtic music. With a piercing gaze, she sings familiar songs from the past with a classical voice of the rarest kind. She could have been the girl from Tri Martolod, a traditional Breton song about three sailors who anchor at a shore and all fall in love with the same woman. Songs sung in Breton, she recalls memories of her heritage, a French heritage, a piece of European history revisited and remembered. She tells us stories like Mna na h-Eireann a tribute song with Gaelic lyrics written in the 18th Century for Irish women who fought along men for the independence of their country.. Intelligent with a voice like an angel and a heart for unusual things, Nolwenn Leroy managed to bring something different to the table in a commercial driven generation where going against currents and reinvention is never evident.

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